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Your support will ensure that youth have access to leadership programs that will empower them to be social innovators and changemakers. Therefore creating a better future for themselves, their community, and the world. 

More ways to give

Volunteer or Mentor

We are always looking for volunteers to:

  • Mentor Students

  • Speak About Your Profession

  • Help with Special Events

  • Social Media/Website

Sponsor Student Scholarship

Co-Sponsor a Student: $1500

Sponsor One Student: $3000

When you sponsor a student, you will be part of their journey -- receiving updates on their progress and success stories.

Join Our Movement

Join the team by becoming a recurring monthly donor.


Recurring donors are essential and ensure that we can keep our programs running. 


As little as $10/month, $2o/month or $40/month will help us offer scholarships to students.

Tech Donations

We are always looking for tech donations. Our current needs are:

  • Laptops

  • Smartphones

  • Transportation Services

  • Classroom Supplies