We offer students the opportunity to authentically explore their passions by providing them with a mentorship program that connects them with life-long business connections, and that helps them create a unique social venture that they can use as capital to get into college or to get a head start on a career path. 

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Changemaker Leadership Year

This 5-month youth empowerment program meets on Saturdays between January and May.  Students work through activities in teams to become community leaders, changemakers, and their best selves.

Distance Learning Pod

Our Mentor Me Learning Distance Learning Pod provides students with a safe, productive and healthy learning space outside of their home.

Changemaker Leadership On-Demand

This leadership program follows the same student-driven inquiry process as our other programs, but the timeline is designed specifically for the needs of an individual or small group.


College Leadership Team Internship

This program offers college students an opportunity to get experience working in the field, to connect with their communities, and build leadership skills as a community organizer and change maker.

Parent & Educator Workshop

Interested in learning how to teach your kids using the Mentor Me Learning Method?  This two-day workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started with a service project.