Wednesday Work For Social Good: OC Humane Society

Episode 2.

This week we are highlighting an organization that supports our non-human community members: our pets. Today's post is meant to inspire you to get involved in a local organization that helps animals, pets and their human caretakers.

Mentor Me was inspired to research more about the OC Humane Society by one of our 5th grade Youth Leaders. A current student enrolled in our Spring Leadership and Youth Empowerment Program. In her words,

" I’m a person that wants to help animals, but don’t know how to get out there. People often don’t know the work of pets and neglect them. They think of pets as things that they can do whatever they want with, rather than as living organisms with needs. I would like to change that."

The Orange County Humane Society is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the care and protection of pets in our community. They rescue and provide medical care, treatment, food, shelter and tender loving care to lost or unwanted pets in need, until they are reunited with their family again or until a new friend is found to bring their new companion home.

OCHS participates in local events and programs in our community to reach out to the public about animal shelters and to educate them in animal care and the effects of "not knowing" about pet ownership and it's responsibilities. OCHS also provides classes to the public.

These classes and programs range from educating potential owners on the responsibility of pet ownership to pet care for new owners and even courses on animal safety for those who do not know what to do when encountering an animal. Our shelter has our own trainer on staff to assess our pets and provide our new adopters with classes to train their new pet.

The OCHS is always looking for volunteers and donations to help in different ways. There are many ways to support the OC Humane Society.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Step#1: Go to their website here to learn more

Step #2: Call (714) 536-8480 and ask how you can help

Step #3: Mark a 15-minute chunk of time on your calendar each week to follow-up and start planning the unique way you can contribute to the OCHS.

To learn more about how students can get involved in social innovation projects, internships, volunteer opportunities or develop their leadership skills, contact Mentor Me Learning, or go to their website programs page.