The Love I've Seen Lately is Different

This week I watched my roommate bring donuts to her mortal work enemy.

I saw my friend surprise her boyfriend, not with chocolates or a fancy dinner, but by arranging for his two best friends to fly out from Chicago to visit.

I found out my Dad bought a new vacuum for the women who clean his house.

My roommate (& by default myself) live in Costa Mesa, while her coworker lives in Long Beach. This week my roommate discovered this girl at work, who she generally can’t stand, is in love with a donut shop in Costa Mesa. It wasn’t a bold gesture of reconciliation or bridge-building. It was a quiet, genuine act. My roommate simply went to the donut shop and brought the donuts to work today. She isn’t expecting them to now get along. She just saw a kind thing she could do for a coworker and did it.

My friend’s boyfriend isn’t from California. He is from Illinois. He has friends here, but he lives thousands of miles away from his best friends and his family. So, for Valentine’s my clingy and attention-loving friend gave her boyfriend a weekend with his best friends, rather than a weekend with herself. She sacrificed a day and time that many lover’s feel they are entitled to and instead gave that time to his friends.

My Dad usually carries his ancient, heavy vacuum upstairs for the women who clean his house. They have never asked him to, but he worries about them lugging it up the stairs and hurting themselves. So, when the vacuum died this week, he read reports and magazines looking for the lightest weight, best quality vacuum because he isn’t always home to bring it up for them. He even went to multiple stores to lift different models. The maids have no idea he did that and he will probably still carry the one he bought upstairs for them, but he wanted to make the effort anyway.

The greater part of these gifts isn’t the gifts themselves, but the thoughtfulness that went into them. The consideration for others that produced them. Each one was self-sacrificing and selfless. It isn’t necessarily fun to be kind to people you don’t like. It isn’t fun to put other’s joy before your own. It isn’t fun to do work for someone that they will ever know about.

But these are the acts of love and Valentine’s that I love.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Step#1: Don't let the spirit of Valentine's die after the 14th. The mindset of doing out of the ordinary acts of love for others doesn't need to end with February.

Step #2: Share that mindset. Share this piece or the idea with someone you love.

Step #3: Participate in the spirit of sharing love and kindness. Even if it's in the mundane act of buying a vacuum, you can be loving and considerate. Do something sweet for someone else today. & Happy Valentine's Day to you! ♥️