Wednesday Work For Social Good: Working Wardrobes (1st Edition)

Welcome to Mentor Me's first post on our Positive Social Impact Web Series. My name is Ashley Dos Santos and I am committed to spending every Wednesday for the next 12 months sharing inspiring businesses with you. Stories that highlight local organizations and projects that are focused on making our community a better place.

My goal is to connect you with local groups and businesses that will empower you to get involved in your community. To encourage you to join other Orange County residents that are committed to being changemakers.

The first organization I would like to introduce you to is Working Wardrobes.

Working Wardrobes is an organization that has inspired one my students to apply her passions to helping her community. This student is currently in one of Mentor Me Learning's Leadership Programs.

She is a high school sophomore that wants to make a positive social impact on the world, loves shopping, and loves helping people.

Her dream job is to be a personal shopper and Working Wardrobes is a local Orange County business that would enable her to both be a personal shopper AND support her local neighbors in need.

Working Wardrobes' has a beautiful mission.
" do everything in our power to help men, women, young adults and veterans overcome difficult challenges, so they can achieve the dignity of work. Our clients are workforce ready by participating in career training, job placement assistance and professional wardrobe services in an environment of dignity and respect."

They are located in Costa Mesa and serve the commnuties of Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Long Beach and Orange County. Working Wardrobes helps 5000+ men and women in crisis per year reenter the work force with professional wardrobe and career development services. They work with over 3500 volunteers each year and dozens of community businesses.

Get involved now! There are many ways to support Working Wardrobes.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Step#1: Watch the attached video to learn more about their story

Step #2: Call (714) 210-2460 and ask how you can help

Step #3: Mark a 15-minute chunk of time on your calendar each week to follow-up and start planning the unique way you can contribute to Working Wardrobe

To learn more about how students can get involved in social innovation projects, internships, volunteer opportunities or develop their leadership skills, contact Mentor Me Learning.