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#MentorMeet: Ricardo Dos Santos

Meet Ricardo Dos Santos, videographer and core volunteer for Mentor Me Learning, and local small business owner. 

✨What are you passionate about?

"I am passionate about life, about enjoying my life, about surfing. I’m passionate about my family and I’m passionate about videography and visuals." 



What does “mentoring” mean to you?

"I think it means guiding people. Helping people to go to places that they wouldn’t be able to without help. Helping them find their goal or find what they like to do." 



How are you staying connected with others?

"I’m staying connected through the phone. Through seeing friends, the closer friends and family. But like most people not trying to do too much."



Is there someone in your life who has been a mentor to you in an unexpected way?

"I would say my Dad. One, he’s a mentor in the expected ways as being my Dad. As telling and showing me the way, the good way or the things to do. But also, watching his flaws helped me avoid mistakes that I would otherwise have done. Since I grew up with him I’m super similar to him." 



What is one positive thing you’ve seen come out of the challenges we have all been facing during 2020?

"I haven’t seen one yet. I’m hoping that the elections would be a good start for it."


What other small businesses/nonprofits do you admire?

"I like Surfrider, I support them. The Banning Ranch Conservancy, Drains to Oceans, and The Nature Conservancy. Those are the ones I donate to.” . . Why are you choosing to give your time to be a part of MentorMe Learning? “Because I think it is a good cause. I like to help young people find their way, making it a little bit easier for them to reach their goals or find things that they like, that they don’t even know yet."



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