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#MentorMeet: James Le

Meet James Le, Associate Director of Engagement for Project Access. Project Access is a nonprofit aiming to provide on-site health, education, and employment services to families, children, and seniors living in affordable housing communities.

✨What are you passionate about?

“I love to constantly learn and find ways to integrate new skills in both my personal and professional life. Most recently, I have been exploring more video and editing, and seen how this new skill has increased performance in targeted areas.”



What does “mentoring” mean to you?

“Mentoring is providing insight, coaching, and feedback to help someone become the best version of themselves. They are relationships that help you develop personally and professionally.”



How are you staying connected with others?

“Right now, having an active presence on social media and utilizing video have been the main way I have stayed connected with others.”



Is there someone in your life who has been a mentor to you in an unexpected way?

“When you think of a mentor, your mind might immediately go to a single person but I have been fortunate in my life to be surrounded by many individuals who inspire me to grow, learn, and challenge myself. Surround yourself with the people you admire!”



What is one positive thing you’ve seen come out of the challenges we have all been facing during 2020?

2020 has been the equivalent of pressing pause or even the slow motion button for me. It has given me more head space and time to think about what I care about, what’s important, and how to have a different perspective and mindset on how we live life.”


What other small businesses/nonprofits do you admire?

“My husband is the CEO of WTLC (Women’s Transitional Living Center) and they are the oldest domestic violence program in Orange County and the third oldest in the nation. Their work continues to play an important role in supporting survivors of domestic violence.”


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