#MentorMeet : Devon Mitchell

Meet Devon, MML’s Blog and Features writer and a core volunteer!

✨What are you passionate about?

I’m really passionate about community. In the last few years that’s definitely become the center of my life. Trying to build and do-right by my community, and making community participation easier for others.”


What does “mentoring” mean to you?

Mentoring means living life alongside someone. Kind of being a beacon or a buoy in someone else’s life. It’s both direct and indirect.


✨ How are you staying connected with others?

"I used to be really bad at this and l think it’s still something I have to regularly check-in with and improve at. Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of printing and mailing photos. It makes me really happy: to take photos of the people around me, to give them that, and I just love sending mail. It helps me stay connected with people despite distance or time apart."


✨Is there someone in your life who has been a mentor to you in an unexpected way?

I think I’m always surprised how much mentorship helps me, in how many unexpected ways it effects my life, and also by the “mentors” I find. One time I came out and found a guest parking pass on my car. I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and I didn’t know I needed a guest pass. Someone, I still don’t know who, came out and filled out a pass with my license plate number on it and everything, attached it to my car, all so I didn’t get a ticket. That person forever changed how I associate with strangers. I hope to do the most for them instead of the least. I feel more responsibility for the people around me. All because of a stranger’s caring and, unbeknownst to them, guidance in my life.


What is one positive thing you’ve seen come out of the challenges we have all been facing during 2020?

I feel like people were forced to analyze and recognize the things that they personally really need in their life. They realized how self-sufficient they were, that they don’t actually need office life in order to be productive for example. Or they realized how reliant they were on certain things/people; how important certain people or activities were to their mental well-being.


✨What other small businesses do you admire?

“Small businesses and local economies are another thing I’m really passionate about. This year the thing that has brought me so much joy is to see the small, locally-owned zero-waste shops and products cropping up in our community. I’m just so happy that stores like Eco Now and Fill Up, Buttercup! exist! They make awesome alternatives so accessible to people, and easy to transition to. “

✨Why are you choosing to give your time to be a part of MentorMe Learning?

MML combines so many of the things I just talked about. They open up our community and make community participation so much easier for people. They help people live life alongside each other and be beacons to those around them. They uplift local people and local businesses. I just want to be a part of that.