How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Stranger

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and as we all know, this is a day to celebrate love. While many use it to celebrate romantic love, others use it to celebrate a variety of loving relationships they have in their life, such as family, friends, teachers and classmates. Many of us might agree that the world could always use a bit more love. So maybe we can celebrate Valentine’s Day with people we haven’t established loving relationships with yet. What would this even look like?

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” - Mr. Rogers

Enter kindness, love’s sidekick. A quick search on “kindness” reveals endless ways people are taking up kindness as a pathway to a more loving and empathetic world. There’s the story of how “two self-centered New Yorkers created their own 12-step program to become kinder, more empathetic people. As a resolution, they practiced this for 12 months.” This became 12 Kinds of Kindness - a 12-step experiment to open hearts, eyes and minds. The list of movements encouraging kindness go on and on: Inspire Kindness, #ShareKindness, Kindhumans, The Kindness Rocks Project (this one involves actual rocks!).

Shake things up on Valentine’s Day and get in on the action. This year, we’re suggesting you use Valentine’s Day to plan for another day of recognition that comes right after - Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on February 17th. This day “is celebrated by individuals, groups and organizations, nationwide, to encourage acts of kindness.” What starts with love on Valentine’s Day can ripple out to acts of kindness for weeks or months to come. Check out our plan.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Step#1: Skip the Valentine’s cards this year. Instead, declare Valentine’s Day your official kick-off to Random Acts of Kindness. Use the time you would have spent prepping cards and presents for loved ones to create a plan for kindness acts towards strangers instead.

Step #2: Visit to access their 2020 Kindness calendars for tons of ideas to choose from each day of the month. has some great ideas, too.

Step #3: On February 17th start your kindness plan. You can join the movement by reporting them on or using #RAKTIVIST to share your kindness stories on social media.

In case your family and friends ask about their cards and presents this year, show them this video. Turns out practicing kindness is scientifically proven to have health benefits. Tell them they can give themselves a gift this year - get in on the Random Acts of Kindness action with you.