Gratitude is Gr8

November brings thoughts of gratitude as we enter the Thanksgiving season. It’s that time of year when people pay attention to their blessings- the positive things in their life that bring comfort and happiness. Many people like to associate thankfulness with paying it forward. We can express our gratitude by volunteering and helping others who are less fortunate, yet we can also explore gratitude by looking inward. Research shows that recognizing and practicing gratitude is worth the effort. It is associated with positive emotions like optimism, joy and enthusiasm, and it is linked to reducing anxiety and depression.

With all these benefits in mind, we wanted to share some ways to be great at gratitude. It might be the best gift you give yourself this holiday season!

“Always have an attitude of gratitude.” -Sterling K. Brown

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

(1) For inspiration watch this video about what a few teens did to show what they are thankful for. How does this compare to your list? (Warning: May result in sappy tears.)

(2) Take a gratitude quiz! Find out how you score on gratitude, and at the end you’ll be given more tips and resources for how to cultivate gratefulness.

(3) Take the lead on expressing gratitude at your family gatherings. How can you help gratitude take hold in your home during Thanksgiving and beyond? This article shares a bunch of different activities you can do with your family to practice gratitude. Different approaches work best for different families. Share the ideas with your parents and siblings and decide together which activity everyone is most interested in trying!

From everyone at Mentor Me Learning, we wish you lots of thnx and gr8fulness this holiday season!

This piece was written by Marissa Nadjarian. We are proud to have Marissa as one of our main contributors and Mentor Me Learning Advisory Board Members. She is a service-learning specialist, educator, mother and founder of Philanthroparent. Learn more about Marissa and her work at