Friday Fuel: Women in Sports

Spectator sports make for an excellent summer pastime. This summer, the Women’s World Cup might top your list since it only happens every four years and our team is positioned to come out on top. However, many of the players are taking another position- how to address gender equality within their sport. Several members of the U.S. Women’s soccer team filed a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation over pay equity on March 8th, which (perhaps not so coincidentally) was International Women’s Day.

“We very much believe it is our responsibility, not only for our team and for future U.S. players, but for players around the world — and frankly women all around the world — to feel like they have an ally in standing up for themselves, and fighting for what they believe in, and fighting for what they deserve and for what they feel like they have earned.” -Megan Rapinoe, 2019 Women’s World Cup team member

If you are inspired to watch the World Cup this summer and support our U.S. team, then you might be further inspired by their actions to support gender equality off the field. In today’s Friday Fuel we’re looking at ways we ourselves can advance women in sports on our own turf. One resources to consider is Nike’s Made to Play campaign, a part of which aims to help girls “find their strength through the power of play and sport.” Here are three suggestions from their campaign that might fuel an idea for social action.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE! (Ideas from Nike's Made to Play campaign)

Step#1: Be a Teammate. Check out the Made to Play website to see what organizations Nike is partnering with to enhance girls’ experiences with sports.

Step #2: Be a champion. You can use the hashtag #MadetoPlay to share on social media how sports are empowering girls.

Step #3: Be a coach. Nike is working with How to Coach Kids, a nonprofit that helps aspiring coaches get the training and resources they need to get out there and make a difference through sports.

Sports are a prominent part of the American experience. Whether watching or playing, we all are influenced in some way by sports in our lives. This makes it a powerful avenue to reinforce social good. What ways could you use sports as an avenue to make a difference in your community? We’re here to cheer you on!

This piece was written by Marissa Nadjarian. We are proud to have Marissa as one of our main contributors and Mentor Me Learning Advisory Board Members. She is a service-learning specialist, educator, mother and founder of Philanthroparent. Learn more about Marissa and her amazing work at