Friday Fuel: Our First Episode! Three Young Community Leaders in Orange County

To start off our “Friday Fuel: Youth Leaders” Weekly Blog, I am going to jumpstart by providing examples of 3 young people whom have done amazing things in Southern California.

The goal of this weekly blog series is to inspire young people by providing them with models of what is possible at a young age. What is possible when you have an idea (that people may think is crazy or unrealistic for a kid), and you actually go for it. You follow through with your idea despite what the haters say.  

Young people innovating and doing the undoable is the only way we can improve things and make for a better, more beautiful world.  I hope that this Friday Fuel Series inspires young people, old people, and entire communities to believe in themselves and become social innovators and changemakers.

In today’s episode I am going to give a shout out to 3 young people that were featured in Local Magazine in 2017.  

Vanis Buckholz of MyRecycler, created a business to keep our beaches and parks clean by picking up trash, recycling it, and partnering with other organizations like Project Hope Alliance (a group that helps homeless youth.)

Carson Kropfu, creator of the Locker Board Skateboards, found a way to repurpose used skateboards and raise money for the Tony Hawk Foundation with every skateboard sold.

Jack Witherspoon, a Leukemia Survivor, raised over $150,000 for Pediatric Research to help other young people overcome great odds like he did.  

To learn more about these impressive community leaders, check out the full article at this link.

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