Friday Fuel: Lulu Cerone of Lemonade Warriors

What are you up to this weekend? How about combining fun AND philanthropy?

One SoCal girl is on a mission to do just that. Lulu Cerone launched into youth leadership as a 10-year-old when she challenged her 5th grade class to a boys versus girls lemonade sale. The result was super sweet -- they raised over $4000 for their cause. Plus, they had fun doing it!

This made Lulu realize that social activism and kids’ social lives can go hand-in-hand. 

“It was the first time my friends and I felt like we could be agents of change.” @Lulucerone @lemonaidwarrior

She founded LemonAID Warriors to help share this concept with others, and in 2017 she released the book PhilanthroParties: A Party-Planning Guide for Kids that Want to Give Back that takes her message even further.  

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Step#1: Learn more about this concept by watching the LemonAID Warrior 

or grabbing a copy of Lulu’s book.

Step #2: Check out this simple guide to adding social activism into your social life.

Step #3: Host a PhilanthroParty with your friends and family and "Party with a Purpose!"

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be lemonade that brings people together for social good. Think about what you and your friends already do to have fun and consider a cause you can connect it to. When you start with what your passionate about, you’ll likely find that the juice is worth the squeeze.

To learn more about how students can get involved in social innovation projects, internships, volunteer opportunities or develop their leadership skills, contact Mentor Me Learning, or go to their website programs page.

This piece was written by Marissa Nadjarian. We are proud to have Marissa as one of our main contributors and Mentor Me Learning Advisory Board Members. She is a service-learning specialist, educator, mother and founder of Philanthroparent. Learn more about Marissa and her amazing work at