Friday Fuel: Add This to Your Summer To-Do List

Most people have a summer To-Do list: books you’ve been meaning to read, family you want to visit, a closet you probably should clean. One item that seems to be on every kid’s To-Do list at one time or another is hosting a lemonade stand. There is something so empowering about the idea of a lemonade stand and choosing how you will spend your hard-earned funds.

Today we want to celebrate a young social entrepreneur who just tried out his first business venture for social good. We asked Savars for some advice on what it takes to run a juice stand, and his sweet advice might inspire you to add something like this to your summer To-Do list. Or, perhaps you’ll want to help support a younger sibling or friend with their first lemonade stand.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE! Here are some tips from 6-year-old Savars on running a successful juice stand:

Step#1: “Welcome them nicely.”
Step #2: “Sit there at all times. Don’t close up before you said you will.”
Step #3: “Use social media, and tell your parents to tell their friends.”

Savars did a spin-off of the lemonade stand (he chose to sell orange juice instead), but what was most inspiring was how he decided to spend his earnings. He wanted to help recognize the importance of play for all kids. He donated his proceeds to Shane’s Inspiration, who’s mission is to build all-inclusive playgrounds for children with differing abilities. So, if you want to take a stand on something you care about this summer, why not try a lemonade stand.

This piece was written by Marissa Nadjarian. We are proud to have Marissa as one of our main contributors and Mentor Me Learning Advisory Board Members. She is a service-learning specialist, educator, mother and founder of Philanthroparent. Learn more about Marissa and her amazing work at