Friday Fuel: A Hidden Gem in The Heart of Huntington Beach

The first time I heard of the Free Rein Foundation I was intrigued. Then I learned more details about equine therapy and the beautiful relationships fostered between horses and urban residents in Huntington Beach...and I was more than intrigued, I was inspired.

The idea that in a highly developed urban city we could have a hidden gem such as this was incredible to me.

The Free Rein Foundation is a local community center in Huntington Beach, California, where youth and adults can learn life skills that help them cope with anxiety, bullying, neglect, fear, and peer pressure.

Different aged volunteers are welcomed to help maintain the center and take care of the horses. Additionally there are specific programs that teach adults and young people valuable life skills.

Free Rein’s Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy programs provide incredible benefits for people suffering from anxiety, depression, anger management issues, drug addiction, grief and loss, and trauma.  

One of the most beautiful components of The Free Rein Foundation is how they collaborate with other community organizations to ensure they connect and help as many community members as possible.

Some of their partners include the Huntington Beach Boys and Girls Club, The Huntington and Los Angeles Police Department and Sunburst Academy. These partnerships ensure that those people most in need of a theraputic healthy alternative, find the support they need.

Our Equine-Assisted Learning Programs are focused on children and teenagers who learn valuable life lessons with the help of our horses.  In our 8-week, kids learn about themselves, their relationships with other people, and about their interaction with the world around them.  Specifically addressing issues that children and teenagers face, including peer pressure, bullying, drugs, gangs, leadership, and self-confidence.

If you or your child is interested in working with animals and experiencing the theraputic benefits or working with horses, don’t miss the opportunity to get involved with The Free Rein Foundation.

How can you get involved? SIMPLE!

1: Check out their website and explore HERE
2: Look at their Event Calendar HERE
3: Make a tax-exempt donation to their programs HERE
4: Call and ask them directly how you can get involved