• Devon Mitchell

Fall in Love with the Library

I’m an avid reader and a frequent library visitor, but I don’t use a fraction of the library’s resources.

Over the years I have used their scanners and printers, in lieu of buying my own, which has saved me a lot of money and frustration. I often use their building, as a place to escape. To study, to read, to journal, to not be in my house. I yes, use their outlets, their wifi, their comfy chairs, and their serene environment, as a place of separate-but-together community.

But I don’t check out books. I don’t check out DVDs, CDs, magazines, or documents.

I don’t use it for what people know the library


Blockbuster didn't die. It's now just free at your library.

And I use it even less for what people don’t know the library for. That they will help with your resume or applying for a job. That they have language meet-ups for people trying to learn English or other languages. That they offer workshops and certification courses for people trying to learn a skill or beef up their resume. That they have community preparedness workshops for things like earthquakes and other natural & unnatural disasters, like mass shootings. That they have book-clubs and film-clubs and support groups. That they project movies for the community.

Therein lies another resource I do use the library for. I love the library people.

I love the community. I love seeing the students at desks. The old people I one day hope to be, reading on the couches with their old people friends. The people clearing chugging away

The Donald Dungan Library opened in May, 2019.

at passion projects. I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, but I often feel that Orange County isn’t where I should be or can be. But the library and the library people make me feel a sense of community. An interest in my community and a connection to it.

In the coming weeks I will continue to explore untapped library resources thanks to inspiration from my recent infatuation: the new library in Costa Mesa, and inspiration from a video I saw this past summer called “What Librarians Wish You Knew About Libraries” by Ariel Bissett.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Suggestion #1: Go to the library! Tap into a community resource and show your love!

Suggestion #2: Tell us about a library resource you love or that you wish more people took advantage of! We would love to share that and perhaps can add it to our Untapped series.

Suggestion #3: Download the Libby app. This is the app that the OC Public Library system uses. You can access all their audiobooks and e-books for free, or it can notify you about when books or DVDs you are interested become available, or when you need to return your rentals to avoid a fee.

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