Fall in Love With the Library

Photos taken by author.

I’m an avid reader and a frequent library visitor, but I don’t use a fraction of the library’s resources.

Over the years I have used their scanners and printers, in lieu of buying my own, which has saved me a lot of money and frustration. I often use their building, as a place to escape. To study, to read, to journal, to not be in my house. I yes, use their outlets, their wifi, their comfy chairs, and their serene environment, as a place of separate-but-together community.

But I don’t check out books. I don’t check out DVDs, CDs, magazines, or documents.

I don’t use it for what people know the library


Blockbuster didn't die. It's now just free at your library.

And I use it even less for what people don’t know the library for. That they will help with your resume or applying for a job. That they have language meet-ups for people trying to learn English or other languages. That they offer workshops and certification courses for people trying to learn a skill or beef up their resume. That they have community-preparedness workshops for things like earthquakes and other natural and unnatural disasters, like mass shootings. That they have book clubs and film clubs and support groups. That they project movies for the community.

Therein lies another resource I do use the library for. I love the library people.

I love the community. I love seeing the students at desks. The old people I-one-day-hope-to-be, reading on the couches with their old people friends. The people clearly chugging away

The Donald Dungan Library opened in May, 2019.

at passion projects. I know that this isn’t the case for everyone, but I often feel that Orange County isn’t where I should be or can be. But the library, and the library people, make me feel a sense of community. An interest in my community and a connection to it.

In the coming weeks I will continue to explore untapped library resources thanks to inspiration from my recent infatuation: the new library in Costa Mesa, and inspiration from a video I saw this past summer called “What Librarians Wish You Knew About Libraries” by Ariel Bissett.

How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Suggestion #1: Go to the library! Tap into a community resource and show your love!

Suggestion #2: Tell us about a library resource you love or that you wish more people took advantage of! We would love to share that and perhaps can add it to our Untapped series.

Suggestion #3: Download the Libby app. This is the app that the OC Public Library system uses. You can access all their audiobooks and e-books for free, or it can notify you about when books or DVDs you are interested become available, or when you need to return your rentals to avoid a fee.