Drains To Ocean: Events that Promote Local Action to Keep our Oceans, Parks and Streets Cleaner

Drains to Ocean (D2O) is an organization that seeks to raise awareness around the root cause of our polluted oceans, parks and streets. That cause being our habits as local citizens and consumers. The idea is basic, we create less waste and less trash washes into our waterways; we use more recycled and reusable products, less trash washes into our waterways; and lastly, we keep our parks and beaches cleaner....yes...less trash washes into our waterways.

D2O organizes beach cleanups, park cleanups and annual community events that aim to raise awareness of how our choices as consumers are effecting the health of our ocean, parks and streets. All those storm drains on the streets and in our parks drain directly to our urban riverways, which then leads into our oceans.

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How can YOU get involved? SIMPLE!

Step#1: Go to their website here to learn more and follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Step #2: Email seth@drainstoocean.org and ask how you can help (they are always looking for volunteers to help with specific projects)

Step #3: Mark a 15-minute chunk of time on your calendar each week to follow-up and start planning the unique way you can contribute to the D20.

Step #4: Attend one of their upcoming events (check our their social media for calendar of events)

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