Our Philosophy



To have a world with confident, self-aware and passionate young people that are community leaders empowered to be active citizens making the world a better place.


To use mentorship as a tool to empower, motivate and inspire young people to have a positive relationship with learning and to actively contribute to their communities.



Youth today, more than ever, need a space to connect to a bigger purpose and to feel part of a community.  With schools being inundated with test-driven learning and teachers being forced to adapt to “teach-to-the-test” policies -- kids don't have a space to reflect on their actual interests and explore fields that they are actually passionate about. We know from research that passion fuels motivation, excitement and drive.

With the high cost-of-living and urban setting that most of our kids live in, young people rarely get a chance to just explore their community -- connecting with elders, nature, exposing themselves to possible career paths, and having the opportunity to “give back” by contributing to their community.

With that in mind, youth also have access to more information to teach themselves directly and connect with any business or community organization that interests them. For todays’ young person, this is a double-edged sword. On one side -- the possibilities are limitless-- you really can do anything with access to a smartphone. You can be a social entrepreneur making a huge impact on the world  before you are 12 years old. With the right support a young person can apply early to college and get a head start on their higher purpose, or connect directly with a college coach to help them get that scholarship to play and study at their dream school. They could even contact that gaming company they worship and find a way to get an internship. Kids can break through the boundaries of our “traditional” learning constructs.  On the other side -- the endless choices can be overwhelming and if not guided, one can get stuck in overwhelm, confusion, adopt bad habits and be impacted by negative social pressures.


Mentorship. Mentorship that supports service-learning projects and social entrepreneurship. Every young person should be connected with a mentor that can guide them towards their purpose. A mentor that can facilitate learning so that young adults and children become their best selves, are encouraged to pursue their interests* and contribute to making their communities a better place.


Passion fuels motivation. It creates an excitement for life and fosters self-directed learning. Having the freedom to pursue one’s interests, ignites a person to take chances and embrace failure, using it as a tool to learn and grow. This will make for happier children and happier families.


Young people will learn to communicate productively with adults and with the outside world at an early age -- because they will be motivated to do so. The likelihood that a young person becomes a responsible citizen also dramatically increases because they engage in their community at an early age, empowering them with the ability to make a substantial impact on their world.