Interested in moving beyond classroom learning and into the community?  This two-day workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started. You will learn how to use the Mentor Me Method to help your middle or high school student create a learning space that engages them in their community through an impact project or social initiative.  

You will learn:

1. The latest research regarding our iYGeneration -- how they learn best, what influences them and why they are how they are

2. Tools and techniques to help learners identify their passions

3. How to discuss & define community while identifying strengths and challenges within communities of interest

4. How to find mentors and/or job shadowing opportunities

5. How to reach out to businesses for field research or networking purposes

6. How to create internships, service-projects, a social venture or social initiative

7. How to guide your learner towards building an action-project, writing a project proposal and creating accountability plans

The Benefits:

​Created and delivered by parents and educators, you will be learning from actual practitioners who currently work with students. Practitioners that will be sharing their experiences of success and failure.  All workshop participants will have life-long access to Mentor Me Learning’s mentors, one-on-one coaching, curriculum support and will be part of our Mentor Me student network - a network that connects student organizers, entrepreneurs and social innovators.


In addition to the two-days of 6 hr. workshops, you will receive two books that will guide you as you facilitate projects with your learner. You will also have the opportunity to receive monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Duration:  2  6-hr workshops*

Cost per participant:  $600

Location: TBD - Orange County Los Angeles and San Diego

(minimum of 10 participants)



*This 2-day workshop can be modified to be more condensed, shorter in length, or focused on one specific aspect of our curriculum. Prices vary depending on the personal design of each program. CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCUSS CREATING A MODIFIED & UNIQUE PROGRAM FOR YOUR GROUP.