Parent & Educator Workshops

Interested in learning how to teach your kids using the Mentor Me Learning Method?  This two-day workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started with a service project.

You will learn:

(1) How to help a learner identify their passions

(2)  How to discuss community and identify challenges in       different communities

(3) How to reach out to businesses to create internships, collaborate on service projects and/or conduct research

(4) How to guide your learner towards building an action-project, writing  project proposals and creating accountability plans

(5) How to find mentors, internships and job shadowing opportunities

(6) The latest research regarding our iYGeneration -- how they learn best, what influences them and why they are how they are

In addition to the two-days of 6 hr. workshops, you will receive two books that will guide you as you facilitate projects with your learner.

Note:  This workshop has no specific dates, rather dates and locations will be tailored to meet the group's needs. There is a minimum of 10 participants needed.  

Duration:  2  6-hr workshops*

Cost per participant:  $600

Location: Throughout California

(minimum of 10 participants)

**This 2-day workshop can be modified to be more condensed, shorter in length, or focused on one specific aspect of our curriculum. Prices vary depending on the personal design of each program. CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCUSS CREATING A MODIFIED & UNIQUE PROGRAM FOR YOUR GROUP.

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