This leadership program follows the same student-driven inquiry process as our other programs, but the timeline is designed specifically for the needs of an individual or small group.  

Guidance and activities are facilitated through your choice of virtual meetings for student development or in-person workshop style classes.  

Start and end dates vary however, we do require a 12-week minimum commitment in order to share the curriculum while working through the leadership-based process. 

To learn more about the program take a look at the Sample Curriculum and Daily Activities.


We are offering a new series of leadership programs. Students will still use the Mentor Me Learning Method to develop life skills, leadership skills, build social capital for career, college and life preparedness - however, the structure of the program is now flexible. 


It can be one-on-one, a cohort model with a distance learning or homeschool pod, virtual or in-person.  

 This gives the parents and students choice - choose the structure that works best for your family, situation and current learning style. One model may be best for a cohort of distance learners or homeschool groups; while another may be preferred for a student that wants one-on-one attention, for more of a private mentor or tutor experience.